Siti Masturah

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Amoora Premium Original

Manage & prevents Diabetes & High Blood Pressure as one of the benefits of Amoora Premium Original

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Amoora Kids Superfood

Good for stimulating the mind and IQ of children boosting happier mood in efforts to memorize and remember what they have learned.

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Amoora Bidadari

Increased Energy
Great for Confinement & Healing
Milk Booster for Breastfeeding Mums

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The Premium Original taste good, mcm kurmaThe Supertea is the bomb👍🏻

And nowadays I dont feel too tired or lethargic
And Yes it is.. twice a day now My daughter is taking the bijirin is it? Yang u recommend 
Not so tired not lethargic


But I lost another abt 10kg

Last month on my regular BP check up, my weight was 125kg now last check up 5 Aug I’m 115kg
Alhamdulillah going down slowly .


 U know what i immediately opened the bottles n give my husband 1 biji of the super food n help.myself to one biji of the bidadari and another biji  again. Then i realised there is a note by you of the eating instruction  . It tasted so good!! . I will definitely order again next time. In sya Allah.