Amoora Kids Superfood

Amoora Kids Superfood

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Attention Mummies!

Introducing our special Amoora Superfood for your children!

KIDDO DATES :chocolate_bar:

The first SUPERFOOD produced specifically for children with the addition of real chocolate flavour using Organic Cacow Powder.

It is good for stimulating the mind and IQ of children boosting happier mood in efforts to memorize and remember what they have learned.

In accordance with the taste that is guaranteed to be delicious and definitely loved by children.

Kiddo Dates Main Ingredients: Organic Cacao Powder
Pomegranate Juice Extract
Organic Almond powder
Olive Oil

:no_entry: No added sugars or preservatives

Limited stocks are available.
Make sure your child does not miss out on tasting it.

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