Amoora Premium Original

Amoora Premium Original

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King of Superfood with the following Organic Prophetic (Sunnah) ingredients 

1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
2. Organic Olive Oil from Palestine 2000yr old tree
3. Apricot
4. Fig
5. Pomegranate
6. Chia Seeds
7. Black Raisin
8. Al Manna (Arabic Gum)
9. Almonds
10. Halba
11. Sidr & Matin Honey
12. Habbatussauda (Black Seed)
13. Ajwa, Ruthob Dates
14. Sukari Dates (Newly Added)
15. Saffron (Newly Added)

Organic Raw Food. 
No added preservatives, colouring or sugars.

Among the Benefits: 
- Boost Overall Body Immunity as it is High in Anti-Oxidants
- Manages/Prevents Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
- Destroys Free Radicals in the Body
- Saffron increases Heart, Skin & Brain Health
- Increases Overall Energy
- Increases Milk Production for Breastfeeding Mummies
- Brain-boosting, Improves Memory