Slimming Combo

Slimming Combo

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Slimming Combo (Amoora SuperTea + Amoora Bijirin)

Amoora Super Tea

Organic Detox Drink with Lemon, Ginger & Senna Leaves that
- Cleanse your Colon
- Release Toxins from your Body
- Release Excess Air from your Body
- Improves Digestion
- Aids in Constipation

Amoora Bijirin

With Extra Power Ingredients for Memory Booster & Mental Alertness
Great for your amazing kids in helping them in their studies!

Among the Benefits:
- Boost Overall Body Immunity as it is High in Anti-Oxidants
- Manages/Prevents Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
- Destroys Free Radicals in the Body
- Saffron increases Heart, Skin & Brain Health
- Increases Overall Energy
- Brain-boosting
- Improves Memory & Mental Alertness

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil |Organic Olive Oil from Palestine 2000yr old tree | Apricot | Fig |Pomegranate | Chia Seeds| Black Raisin | Al Manna ( Arabic Gum) | Almonds | Halba | Sidr & Matin Honey | Habbatussauda (Black Seed) | Ajwa, Ruthob Dates | Sukari Dates | Saffron |
Walnut | Goji Berries | Cranberries | Sunflower Seeds |Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Raw Food
No added preservatives, colouring or sugars.